Brave teen who opened up about mental health struggles found dead after being ‘fobbed off by doctor’

A troubled teenager who opened up about his mental health struggles online has been found dead.

Rory McKelvie bravely shared his battle on social media in the weeks leading up to his death and urged those suffering to talk to friends and loved ones.

But he said he received little support from doctors – and was told to come back when he felt he was “at breaking point”.

The teenager was found dead at an address in his hometown of Biggar, Lanarkshire, last weekend. His death is not being treated as suspicious.

committing suicide in November.

He said: “I was lucky that someone stopped me from committing suicide and the only reason I’m sharing this is because there is always another way no matter what. So please, please talk before doing something stupid.”

The teen previously opened up about his struggles on World Mental Health Day, October 10, and told how he was fobbed off by his doctor because he wasn’t “bad enough yet”. or visiting

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