Care assists stop fraudsters, Barrow police officer warns

Caution assists stop fraudsters, Barrow cop warns

By Isaac Rigby-Nelson

VICTIM: Katherine Jones, 69, from Dalton with her kid Anthony Park

RESIDENTS have to “remain careful” to safeguard themselves against online scammers, stated leading Barrow policeman.

Investigator Sergeant Stephanie Goulding stated the number of complaints about online rip-offs had skyrocketed throughout south Cumbria in recent months.

She said:”Sadly we keep seeing incidents of this nature, where scammers target members of the public online or via telephone requesting them to send out loan or purchase vouchers in order to get a big quantity of cash.

“Anybody who receives such a demand is prompted to disregard it and stop referring the individual or if on the phone simply hang up.

“It is often the most susceptible in our society that these lawbreakers target, and we have to all guarantee they are informed enough to be positive versus these fraudsters.”

DS Goulding used the advice after gran-of-nine Katherine Jones, 69, was callously targeted from ₤ 315.

Mrs Jones stated fraudsters contacted her through Facebook messenger, claiming she would be receive a grant if she sent them iTunes coupon codes.

The ordeal has actually left the pensioner scared to use social networks again to keep in contact with friends and family.

A representative for Action Fraud, the nationwide scams and cyber reporting centre, urged people to beaware of current scams.

He said: “Fraudsters are utilizing iTunes present cards to collect cash from victims due to the fact that they can be quickly redeemed and easily offered on. Scammers deceive victims into buying iTunes Present Cards and ask to read out or send out the serial code for payment. They do not require the physical card to redeem the value and as soon as the code is sent, the cash is lost.”