UK weather report – Britain struck by -9 C Icelandic winds stimulating health cautions on coldest winter day so far

BRITS have been struck with freezing Icelandic winds -triggering health cautions.

Temperature levels dipped to a bone chilling -9.1 C in Braemar, Scotland, today on the coldest day of winter season up until now.

10 And it’s NOT getting any warmer.

Raging winds from Iceland are set to plunge temperature levels to the coldest January on record, according to forecasters.Northern and central

2 health caution for the susceptible. Forecaster Helen Roberts said:”Temperatures in the north will have a hard time to get much above freezing.”Somewhere else they will hover in single figures through the week.”Today will be dry for most tomorrow with a wintry start, after a freezing cold blast over night. The foggy patches will clear to reveal brighter skies for some areas southern tomorrow,
however Wales and southwest England will stay covered in shallow fog. London News Pictures< div class= "short article __ gallery-count theme __ background-color-rgba-80"> 10< div class ="post __ gallery-count style __ background-color-rgba-80 ">< a href="

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10 Temperature levels are set to
nosedive over the coming days bringing

severe frosts, freezing fog and even a danger of heavy snow. She included:” There will be freezing fog in some locations, however not too widespread or thick.”It ought to be shallow, irregular and localised, specifically around locations like the Welsh Marches and southwest England.”” Severe “cold will grip the nation today putting the elderly, sick and very young at threat, according to Federal government health advisers. Thermometers will plunge practically 15C from the start of the week in parts with bitter winds making it feel near -10 C in exposed spots. Met Office meteorologist Helen alerted freezing winds

sweeping in from the Arctic circle will declare a huge change in the weather condition. PA: Press Association

10 North News and Pictures < a href=" "> 10 She stated: “It is going to feel visibly colder as we go through the rest of the week, we expect fairly extensive

frosts, freezing fog and extremely cold temperatures especially in the breeze.”Temperature levels in the north will struggle to get much above freezing while elsewhere they will typically hover in single figures through the week.”There might be more of an Atlantic influence by the weekend which will raise temperature levels in western Britain, however it is still going to feel cold widely.”Pressure patterns responsible for the recent calm conditions have actually moved to pull freezing air in from the north, she stated. She included

: “We have had a re-organisation of high pressure which is now bringing cold northerly air stemming from Iceland into Britain.”It will be really cold over night and there might be some stubborn fog to handle on

Thursday early morning.”It is going to remain cold through the week and into the weekend which although might be somewhat milder in parts is not going to bring any huge change.”PA: Press Association 10 PHE alerted”severe winter, icy conditions and heavy snow”might wreak havoc into the weekend. Slow-clearing freezing fog and below-average temperature levels might see the alert ramped up prior to completion of the week, it stated. Elderly and susceptible individuals are

urged to cover up and take extra care while out and about to prevent falls on icy pavements. The PHE warning states:”

Prolonged durations of winter can be hazardous, especially for the really young, very old or those with chronic diseases.”This weather condition might increase the health threats to susceptible clients and disrupt the shipment of services.”Cold weather condition criteria might still be met in some central, southern, and southwestern locations over the weekend where any freezing fog patches are slow to clear.”This may require the alert level being raised in these locations later today.

primary executive of the National Federation of Occupational Pensioners(NFOP), included:”Really winter can strike quickly and capture people unaware, particularly the more susceptible. 10 Alamy Live News< div class="post __ gallery-count theme __ background-color-rgba-80"> 10 “It is crucial that people get ready for winter ahead and make sure their homes are heated and they have enough in to

keep them going.”Elderly people should likewise take extra care while out and about as it is simple to fall on icy pavements and the effects can be major.” Long-range forecasters state this might be the start of a prolonged cold spell with winter season set to secure for the next month at least.

A split in the so-called Polar Vortex driven by increasing stratospheric temperatures threatens a repeat of last winter’s Beast from the East.

What could be the greatest Unexpected Dizzying Warming (SSW) ever observed is about to set in driving the winter, according to environment experts.

An SSW event was accountable for activating the severe cold which essentially ground Britain to a grinding halt at the start of in 2015.

This time round it might be worse with temperature levels in the Polar stratosphere expected to rocket before completion of the month.

10 London News Pictures 10 Climatologist Judah Cohen from the US AES (Atmospheric and Environmental Research) said temperature increases of approximately 80C over the North Pole threaten to drive the strongest SSW ever tape-recorded.

While the possible impacts are still under conversation it might bring heavy snow throughout Europe, Eurasia and the United States, he cautioned.

He said: “NASA Model [s][are]forecasting near all time record warmth at the North Pole in the stratosphere.

“Temperatures are predicted to warm by almost 80C or 140F in just a few days.

“The most robust cold signal following a substantial PV [Polar Vortex] disturbance is Northern Eurasia constant with the temperature level projection.”

SSW which set off the Monster from the East huge freeze in March takes place when air over the North Pole warms and compresses.

This stops mild westerly winds reaching Britain while opening the floodgates to freezing easterlies.





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WHERE WERE THEY?DINE AND DASH James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather condition, said January threatens to bring the coldest spell of winter up until now. He said:”January is shaping up to be a colder than average month overall, while temperatures may deviate

at times we anticipate to see some of the coldest temperature levels of the winter season within this period.”There is likewise a threat of a number of extensive snow occasions and over all we anticipate temperatures to be at well below-average for

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